Gottfried Salzmann




Here,the façades of steel and glass skyscrapers alienate the onlooker, deforming and elongating the scene in their reflections into a multitude of mirrors .There ,the urban skyscape is revealed in concrete form,only to dissolve suddenly as one examines closely the myriad of abstract dots of which it consists . The city becomes simultannnneously itself and its own spirit.It asserts its reality, and at the same time is unreal : it vanishes before one ‘seyes. No sooner does oneseem entirely to comprehend,that frgments escapeIt is no longer recognisable; one thinks to have grasped it again,it slip away like a vision in a dream is itself and something else.




Drawings - Wilhem Schmied

Welz Salzbourg

Cities - Bernard Denvir

Welz Salzbourg Autriche

Gottfied Salzmann - Thalia

Pascal Bonafoux et Nikolaus Schröder
Préface Klaus Albert Schröder

​L’Aquarelle paysages et villes - Gottfried Salzmann


Autour de l’eau - Nicole Bottet



At the back of the yard in the heart of Paris, there was once a busy glass manufacturer’s workshop. The moment we set eyes on this now dark and lonely place, we knew it had just been waiting for us, ready to be used as a spacious studios, separated by office windows. After the common entrance, you turn left to enter Gottfried Salzmann’s studio. The long table along the studio windows will immediately surprise you, with its documents, letters, piles of papers everywhere and a drying watercolour, slowly waiting for the water to deposit colour pigments on the paper. You are surrounded by tables with watercolours and collages that Gottfried Salzmann is working on.
On any support, whether paper or photos, watercolours must dry in a horizontal position. This means that there never is enough space and that large works must often be finished on the floor.
The crescent-shaped upper part of the former entrance door is now used as a table, usually covered with heaps of books. The rough stone wall of the studio is covered with cards, posters and paintings.
You can still see the traces of machinery on one wall of the former workshop. In the middle, the colour of the wall varies from dark brown to beige, the traces of smoke having been removed. The air blowers are still intact. On top shelves you can find well organized stretchers, frames, boxes and large paintings, while the studio floor is covered with inspiring posters, snatched from the walls of New York. When Gottfried Salzmann is in the USA, he wanders through the American city in the depths of the night to tear down these posters. The caretakers look at this foreigner in astonishment as he comes home each morning, carrying black bin bags crammed with these torn down treasures. Even more surprising is that, at the end of his stay in New York, a gallery employee comes with a chauffeur to pick up these bags in order to send them to France, as the posters are necessary for his art work. Filling out the custom’s declaration is quite the challenge.


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